Science Fiction

Other worlds, other life forms, other possibilities. Within and without; experience a whole universe of thoughts, stories and visuals.


For just one moment – close your eyes; then, open them upon your own imagination and soar fantastically. Fantasy? Real-ly?

Suspense / Horror

Need a little jolt? Suspense, horror and things that go bump in the night await should you dare visit this dark gallery.

Analog & Digital Art

Analog vs. Digital

I work in traditional and digital mediums – sometimes mixing the two – and commonly use oil, acrylic, watercolor, Photoshop, etc.

Raster vs. Vector

As a 20+ years experienced artist, designer & prepress tech., I can help guide your project.

Expectation vs. Experienced

On time, as you wanted it – as you’ll love it! (under construction)

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Rare Gems
are hard to find!


Mission Statement


I am always happy to deliver on time and satisfying art to my clients.
I have worked on large and small projects for companies such as: Hasbro, Linda Blair’s WorldHeart Foundation, North American Films, Dole Foods, McDonald’s, Wildcard Ink, L & B Books, Rourke Publishing, LLC, Acme Ink and Sybex Books.
Let me create the art you want.


Bonus Galleries



Spot Illustrations
mostly black & white
Spare pArts
Children’s Art
and related art

Reviews & Comments

“It’s excellent. . .wow!  …and again thank you. It looks great…  recommend u any time…”

Jocelyn Smith

Philadelphia, PA

“Lance was extremely helpful, patient and understanding with me. I’m no graphic designer and was relying on my wife to make my designs… Needless to say, there were some design hiccups that Lance was really great about advising the changes on…  Lance was patient with me and cranked out an awesome finished product in no time flat.”

Daniel Quagliozzi

San Francisco, CA

Gumby’s Gang: Starring Pokey #1, by Michael Aushenker & Rafael Navarro. (Gumby Comics. Aimed roughly at ages 7-10.)        “…this time travel story is a snug fit in the continuum of strangeness that is the world of Gumby & Pokey. Navarro’s loopy line and Lance Borde’s garish colors give the reader something interesting to look at in every panel.”

Rob Clough

Comics Journal