The “Welcome” Newsblog

Thank you for visiting my site. Inside, I hope you’ll find a little bit of homeyness among worlds unknown.  The artwork is not really so far from home.  The themes are the same – if art means anything, it usually concerns itself with the same three themes: 1. man vs. man; 2. man vs. nature; or, 3. man vs. God.  Pretty much our ‘day in the life’ existence; but expressed in fantastic terms and visuals.  Does that make sense – sorta?


I won’t go on about the art and hope the work displayed on this site speaks for itself.  I am an accomplished prepress technician and have made most of my living in this field for over twenty years.  I’m also an unaccomplished musician who’s had the luck and pleasure of playing with highly accomplished musicians.


As for this site – please venture out into the forest; it’s not too dark, not too scary.  News will be posted casually on the NEWSBLOG link.  The GALLERY is easy to update, so I’ll keep it growing.  If you want to get in touch, CONTACT is not far away.