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All kidding aside – thanx for visiting my site; I don’t know how you got here, but you’re always welcome.  Inside, I hope you’ll find a little bit of homeyness among worlds unknown.  The artwork is not really so far from home.  The themes are the same – if art means anything, it usually concerns itself with the same three themes: 1. man vs. man; 2. man vs. nature; or, 3. man vs. God.  Pretty much our ‘day in the life’ existence; but expressed in fantastic terms and visuals.  Does that make sense – sorta?


I won’t go on about the art and hope the work displayed on this site speaks for itself.  I am an accomplished prepress technician and have made most of my living in this field for over twenty years.  I’m also an unaccomplished musician who’s had the luck and pleasure of playing with highly accomplished musicians–AND managed to hang in there and keep up for the most part.  Lot’s of fun; but even more fun for me is painting the daydreams in my mind and in the minds of authors.


So, please venture out into my forest of daydreams; it’s not too dark, not too scary, not too many nightmares  News will be posted casually on the NEWSBLOG link.  The GALLERY is easy for you to navigate and I’ll keep it growing.  If you want to get in touch, CONTACT is not far away.

Awards & Achievements

Eisner Award – Best Publication (assistant colorist / book design)


Gumby Comics was nominated for three comic industry Eisner awards in 2007 and I was lucky enough to be assistant colorist, advertising & book designer on this project.  The series was written by Bob Burden, Illustrated by Rick Geary, colored by Steve Oliff and myself with Mel Smith editing and publishing the run; it won the Eisner for “Best Publication for a Younger Audience.”

The nominations for Gumby Comics were:
• Best Publication for a Younger Audience
• Best New Series
• Best Writer (Bob Burden)
2007 Eisner group photo

San Francisco Cartoonist Museum – Inclusion of Art Prints

A bonus to the Eisner Award win was the inclusion of my personal art prints into the San Francisco Cartoonist Museum.  The two prints – Gumby Kong and The 7th Voyage of Gumby –  pay homage to Gumby, Gumby’s creator Art Clokey, and fellow clay animators Willis O’Brien and Ray Harryhausen.



“Gumby Kong” inks by Greg Espinoza      /     “7th Voyage o Gumby” inks by Ken Hooper

Other Awards and Achievements

Awards and Achievements:

•  Three time Best Newsletter Design for a smaller organization.  (Sequoians, Inc., 1999–2007)
•  Quality printing awards, 75k/month & 100k/month award.  (Minuteman Press, 1999–2007)
•  Award winning promotional store display artist.  (Tower Records, Concord, CA)
•  BA Degree in Fine Art  /  BA Degree in English.  (University of the East Bay, Hayward, CA)
•  Graduated with honors in Fine Art.  (Clayton Valley High School, Concord, CA)